5 PS3 Games That Should Appear on the PS4

With the PlayStation 4 set to release later this year we take a look at PlayStation 3 titles that should release on the PlayStation 4 instead.

Agent where art thou? If there is one game that has eluded us over the years it's Agent. The game was officially announced at E3 2009, but according to earlier reports the game may have started development in 2007. Now we are heading into a new era of console gaming and Agent details are still very scarce. The most recent response we received about Agent was from Shuhei Yoshida concerning the title coming out for the PlayStation 4, to which he responded with the following statement.

"You are asking the wrong person. I have some knowledge, but I'm not in a position to talk about it."

It makes perfect since to re-introduce Agent and bring it out for the PlayStation 4. Considering how ambitious this game is supposed to be, I see no reason why Agent should not launch on the PlayStation 4.
The Agency (not to be confused with Agent) was a PlayStation 3/PC title in development by SOE. Some people want to see Eight Days revived for the PlayStation 4, I want to see The Agency. The Agency was officially announced in 2007 and canned in 2011. I was actually able to get some hands on time with this game during E3 2010 and was blown away by the features and gameplay. This was going to be a great MMO experience for PS3 gamers and it was taken away from us.
This game had some unique features that would be perfect for the PlayStation 4. Features like heavy social media integration and the ability to call out hits from your cell phone would work great with the PlayStation 4. It seems like The Agency may have been ahead of it's time and a little too ambitious, but I would love if Sony picked up interest in this game once again and brought it back to life. 
The Last Guardian was officially revealed at E3 2009 and gamers have been teased with it's release over the past several years. First the game was supposed to release somewhere towards the end of 2011 then it changed to a 2012 release date. The game currently has no release date, but is still on track to release even after director Fumito Ueda departed from Sony. Ueda and the team are still involved with the project and Ueda has even stated that the release date is up to Sony.
Questions about The Last Guardian appearing on the PlayStation 4 have already risen and were even responded to. Shuhei Yoshida has stated that they haven't revealed a release date because they do not want to let down gamers eagerly awaiting to play this title. Yoshida also stated that they are waiting on the perfect time to re-introduce The Last Guardian to the public. 
Since Sony is looking for the perfect time to re-introduce The Last Guardian, I see no better time than E3 2013. The PlayStation 4 is obviously going to be the crown jewel at Sony's press conference and an updated look at The Last Guardian will give gamers some excitement. The Last Guardian is already a beautiful looking game and to see it getting the PS4 treatment will more than likely be jaw-dropping. 
Tekken X Street Fighter was announced in 2010 during San Diego Comic Con. Unlike Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken X Street Fighter will take place in the Tekken universe. There have been very little updates about this game since it was revealed. We've got to see a prototype character model and as of 2012 we were told that the game is about 10% completed.
I think it would be a fantastic idea for Tekken X Street Fighter to debut on the PlayStation 4. Tekken has always had a rich history with the PlayStation brand, and to see Tekken X Street Fighter make it's way onto the PlayStation 4 would be amazing. Consider the fact that less than a year ago we were told the game is currently only 10% done, I don't think it would be impossible for a PlayStation 4 version of this game to happen. Please make it happen Tekken lord Katsuhiro Harada!
What in the hell is going on with Final Fantasy Versus XIII exactly? Final Fantasy Versus XIII was officially announced in 2006, but development began back in 2005! That means gamers have been waiting 7 years to play this game. Over the years we have only been treated to beautiful trailers and a small glimpse of gameplay, yet not a single word on when this game is going to release. 
Fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of this game and production of the game has always been said to be moving along even through the multiple rumor scares about the games' cancellation. Who the hell knows why Square Enix is so tight lipped about Versus XIII. Tetsuya Nomura may just be a perfectionist who wants to blow everyone away with an amazing title, but continues to shift focus on the game in order to make it greater. If that is the case then there should be no reason for him not to bring Final Fantasy Versus XIII to the PlayStation 4.
According to recent reports we are supposed to get a Final Fantasy Versus XIII update sometime this year. I personally would like to hear them ditch the current name and continue development for the game on the PlayStation 4. Some people may groan and complain, but look at it this way, you've already waited 7 years what's another 7 years? All jokes aside, if it's possible and not time consuming, Final Fantasy Versus XIII should make it's way to the PlayStation 4, or to the PlayStation 3… just come out already!
Let us know below what PlayStation 3 games you think should get the PlayStation 4 treatment.