6 Horror Movie Sequels You Are Most Likely Waiting For

5 Horror Movie Sequels You Are Most Likely Waiting For

“What your favorite scary movie?”. With summer slowly coming to close Autumn is right around the corner, and what’s the Fall season without cold weather, beautiful brown trees, and of course – scary movies? This year we’ve seen a lot of unique horror movies so far, but this list won’t be covering those. This list is dedicated to a few scary movies that should have a sequel in my – opinion at least. These movies stood out in their time of being released, and seeing a sequel for these movies wouldn’t hurt. Lets begin!

6. Dead Silence 2 

5 Horror Movie Sequels You Are Most Likely Waiting For

First up at number 6 on our list is Dead Silence – a physiological horror film directed by James Wan – must known for directing the Insidious films, The Conjuring, and the SAW series. The title Dead Silence gives away the plot of the entire movie. Simply don’t scream or you’ll be “dead silent”. The movie follows average joe Jamie Ashton in a quest to figure out why he’s received the mysterious Billy doll in the mail, and what attachment does it have to Mary Shaw – the late owner of a very creepy doll collection that’s in the business of taking tongues. After his wife was murdered, and the only suspect at the scene of the crime is billy, Jamie ventures back to his old hometown searching for answers as to why his family is targeted.  Dead Silence wasn’t very well received, but It definitely stood out in it’s time frame and that’s why it’s making this list. I would love to see a better organized part two of this film.

5.  A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 

5 Horror Movie Sequels You Are Most Likely Waiting For

Ah yes, number 5 on our list is the 2010 reboot of one of the best slasher franchises ever created. A Nightmare On Elm Street was produced by Michael Bay – must known for having his hands in the Transformers series, and the Bad Boys series. This reboot was set to breathe life back in the old spooky tale of the dream demon Freddy Krueger hunting down innocent teenagers in their nightmares and consuming their souls for revenge. The film of course was updated to fit the current times now, as a majority of the films were released in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

The story follows the same path as the first Nightmare On Elm Street film, but with a twist. Loner Nancy Holbrook is very anti-social and doesn’t intend on changing that, but when a few of her fellow classmates start getting murdered in weird circumstances she finally breaks out of her shell to solve the mystery. She teams up with Quentin Smith, one of her kindergarten classmates that share the same nightmares as her. Together they fight to stay awake and stay alive in against their former kindergarten gardener that was murdered by the parents of Springwood, Ohio. Freddy is back for revenge awake or asleep. It would be awesome to see Freddy back in action on the big screen.

4. 28 Months later

5 Horror Movie Sequels You Are Most Likely Waiting For

Number 4 on our list is both the London based post-apocalyptic films that breathed new life into the zombie movie genre, and we’re just dying for it to make a comeback. The series starts with 28 Days Later which was released in 2002, and was very well received. The first film follows Jim awaken 28 days after the Rage virus has wiped out majority of the population in London. After being awakened out of his coma, Jim goes on a quest to find answers to the sudden outbreak, and other survivors that are unaffected by the virus. He eventually teams up with Selena – another survivor who aids him in surviving the outbreak. Together they battle the living and the reanimated to survive and live to tell about the Rage virus epidemic.

the 2007 sequel – 28 Weeks Later follows father Don, his wife Alice, and his two children Andy and Tammy in a mission to once again survive against the rage virus. The Rage virus has started to completely take over the country and quite simply the entire world. After fleeing from an abandoned house that Don and his family held up in before being attacked by the reanimated, Don travels to Great Britain – a area that has been declared safe by the NATO. He eventually discovers his two children and wife and are reunited with them. After finding his wife and becoming infected by her saliva, Don goes on a rampage by killing his wife, and other soldiers in the building. Andy and Tammy are now left to escape the highly infected area with the help of Sargent Doyle and Scarlet on a mission to get to Wembley Stadium. In an epic adventure to survive the rage virus again, 28 Weeks Later was also well received. It would be awesome to see a final installment. 28 months later anyone? Keep your fingers crossed.

3. Evil Dead 2 

6 Horror Movie Sequels You Are Most Likely Waiting For

Number 3 on our list is the 2013 reboot that brought gruesome and bloody back into horror movies –  Evil Dead. The Evil Dead franchise is one of the most praised horror/comedy fans ever made. The first three flms Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and The Army of Darkness all featured Bruce Campbell as his most noticeable role Ashley Williams. When a group of friends decide to take a trip out to a cabin in the woods, they release an ancient evil that none of them had seen coming.  Seeing his friends become possessed one by one, Ash is forced to combat the evil forces that have possessed his friends and are now trying to possess him.

The 2013 reboot is produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, but this film takes a different turn of events. The film follows Mia and her friends in a journey back to the spooky cabin in the woods. Just like the first film, they unleash evil forces that start to posses them and one by one destroy them. However, there is no Ash Williams to save the day this time. Protagonist Mia becomes the star as she goes head to head with the evil forces that have tried to take her soul. In the final battle Mia even uses the chainsaw that became famous in the previous Evil Dead films. This movie was received  generally positive, and I’m sure an Evil Dead 2 is in the works. Maybe we could see a more comedic style like the previous films?

2. Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral

6 Horror Movie Sequels You Are Most Likely Waiting For

Number 2 on the list – Jeepers Creepers! Where you’d get those peepers!  The 2001 Jeepers Creepers film is one of the more creepy horror films ever released – no pun intended. The first film follows Trish and Darry on their way back from spring break on a trip through the countryside of Florida. On their way back they collide with a mysterious alien like creature – The Creeper. The Creeper is an ancient monster that wakes up every 23rd Spring and hunts for exactly 23 days to feed upon human flesh. Thank god its not spring right? not only that, but The Creeper has a habit of using certain body parts from his victims. At the end of the first film, he flies off with Darry only to be found in The Creeper’s lair with his eyes and his back side completely torn away from his front side. This is only the beginning.

In the 2003 sequel – Jeepers Creepers 2, The Creeper is out for a much bigger prize. When a bus full of basketball and cheerleaders return home from a devastating loss, they find out that the game is not the only thing they could lose. The creeper is awake, and he’s picking them off one by one. First the coaches, and now the players. When a farmer – Jack Taggart, and his son – Billy Taggart jump in to assist the kids to avenge their son and brother, the once arguing bus of kids must stick together to stop The Creeper. Both films didn’t exactly gain the most positive reviews, but it’s hard to not add these films to the list. The third installment – Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral has been announced, but there is not a specific time window on when we might see this film. Lets hope very soon.

1. Dawn Of The Dead 2 

6 Horror Movie Sequels You Are Most Likely Waiting For

Finally, number one on our list is Dawn of The Dead! The 2004 reboot that did its’ predecessor justice. Dawn of The Dead was produced by Zack Snyder – known for working on the 300 series, The Man of Steel, and the upcoming Batman v Superman film. While this wasn’t directed or produced by the godfather of zombie films, this film was based off of George A. Romero‘s previous work.  When a doctor (Ana), a Bestbuy salesman (Micheal), A cop (Kenneth) A father (Andre) of a baby coming soon from his wife (Luda), three mall security guards (Terry, C.J., Bart), and others unite together in an abandoned mall, they find out that the world has just about gone to shit. The only choice they have left is to try to live the rest of their lives in the mall – but when Andre and Luda go out with bang – literally, they find themselves questioning their whereabouts. The crew decides to flee the mall in armored buses against thousands of the undead.

The reason I added this movie to the list is because if you finish the movie past the credits, you understand that you’re left with one of the biggest cliffhangers ever. The crew narrowly escapes with only a few left, they find an island that looks to be safe. When Nicole‘s dog chips runs gun-ho into the island barking, a large group of undead flesh eaters attack the group. As this happens, Terry drops the camera and all you can hear is gunshots. What happens in the end?! I need answers! This may not exactly be one of the films that everyone is waiting for a sequel for, but this personally one of my favorite zombie films if not my favorite.

That’s it! Hopefully we’ll see some of these sequels soon. Not of fan of the films listed? chime in below and tell us what sequels are you waiting for! Until next time, stay tuned here at Junkie Monkeys for more news on your favorite films & television shows.