A Demon’s Souls PS4 Remaster Must Happen

Demon's Souls remastered

Over a week ago, FromSoftware tweeted out a cryptic image that got Demon’s Souls fans everywhere stirred up!

The image that lit the fuse on this powder keg can be seen below.

Demon's Souls PS4

So what does this mean? Why would FromSoftware tweet this out with no context? 

Well, it could be a hint at something brewing in the dark; something many fans of the souls series would die for… That’s right folks; a Demon’s Souls PS4 remastered edition!

This has got to happen, even if this is just a random picture tweeted out by FromSoftware, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t release a remaster of Demon’s Souls for the PS4. This would give both Sony and FromSoftware an opportunity to show the inspiration for the Souls series and Bloodborne to PS4 only owners, while delivering a fresh nostalgic experience to cult Demon’s Souls fans.

Demon’s Souls has by far the best multiplayer mechanic out of all of the Souls games, and I would absolutely die in peace if FromSoftware expanded their current servers to allow cross play between PS3 players and PS4 players. Demon’s Souls remastered also does not have to be the same old game. A remastered edition of Demon’s Souls would be a great opportunity for FromSoftware to show off what’s behind that broken archstone… yes, I am referring to the legendary Land of the Giants area. This is just simply a grand idea and it absolutely must happen!

Unfortunately there wasn’t a reveal at PSX like many hoped, but that will not stop people (myself included) from speculating and hoping that a Demon’s Souls remaster comes true.