A Father Gives His Son One of the Greatest Dragon Ball Z Presents

Posted 2014/03/07 by Treezy in Film

Dragon Ball Z Birthday Video

The Father of the Year award goes to Robson Menezes dos Santos. Robson presented his son Rasdael with one of the most creative and unforgettable Dragon Ball Z presents.

Robson is an animator and he decided to use his talent to give his son an awesome animated gift. Robson created the following video for his son Rasdael on his 9th Birthday.

As you can see in the video above Robson placed himself and his son in the Dragon Ball Z universe.  Two of the official Brazilian voice actors for Goku and Bulma even voiced their parts and wished Happy Birthday to Rasdael as well.

This is just another case of just how awesome certain people can be.

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