Accused Bid For Greatness Winner Denies Cheating

Posted 2013/07/18 by Treezy in Gaming

Cheater Bid For Greatness Contest Auction Exposed

Recently we talked about Sony’s Bid For Greatness auction which seems to be starting off a bit rocky. The first winner has already been accused of hacking trophies and has recently denied claims of hacking.

Many gamers are furious over the recent winner of the first Bid For Greatness auction. A user who goes by the name of  RedSoxFan95 is apparently one of the greatest trophy hunters of all time. He clearly displays this in his recent disputes over recent accusations that he is a cheater.

RedSoxFan95 stated the following.

Why is everyone saying that I’m a hacker? Just because I once got 8,500 trophies in one day does NOT mean I’m a hacker, like seriously, has no one else ever played PS3 all day getting a shitload of trophies?


When people decided to respond to Mr. RedSoxFan95 a liar he then responded with.

So I take it as none of you ever got 8,500 trophies in a single day… you guys must not be real trophy hunters.  

In a nutshell, RedSoxFan95 goes into some more arguing saying how he is hurt by people not believing him. He then follows this by revealing the redemption page for the prize he won telling everyone on the forum…

We can all get one

Clearly this guy is either a troll or someone who actually believes his own lies.

It’s sad when people feel the need to take advantage of a contest that is meant to show appreciation for hardworking gamers. Let’s just hope no more cheaters arise and that Sony deals with this matter and prevent possibly cheaters in the future.

You can read more on RedSoxFan95’s denial at this forum. Let us know what you think about all of this in the comments below.

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