All the Available Info on Dragon Ball FighterZ

During Microsoft’s E3 Conference not so long ago, the world premiere of Dragon Ball FighterZ emerged. Although, rumored a few days before E3, it has all been confirmed with its teaser trailer. So here’s all the information that is now available.

Arc System Works, developers of the Guilty Gear series, are the masterminds behind this 3v3 fighting game that is bound to be a hit for all fighting game and DBZ fans. This game will feature 2.5D , 2D fighting visuals with 3D character models, that’ll make the game look like it was straight from the anime.

Below are two interviews with Tomoko Hiroki, the producer.

Key points from the interviews:

  • Transformations or powering system will only be available for a few characters. Transformations will be part of a character’s moveset.
  • Recognizable sounds, voices and such for characters
  • Destructible set pieces and special attacks can change the environment
  • Having a dream team was why they implemented 3v3
  • 60FPS, but cutscenes will have a slightly lower frame rate
  • DB FighterZ will have several modes even in single player
  • DB FighterZ was created to please Dragon Ball fans and fighting game fans
  • Ki Charge and aerial fighting is what sets this game apart from other fighting games

Displayed below is the control scheme for DB FighterZ taken from E3.

  • Super Dash – A homing dash you can use to approach the opponent while avoiding Ki Blasts
  • Dragon Rush – Approach the enemy and launch a rush that can not be guarded.
  • Z Assists – Call your team mate for covering fire!
  • Z Change – Switch with another team mate!
  • Ki Charge – Hold down to charge your Energy Guage!
  • Sparking Blast – Increase Your power for a limited time! And also recover your health gauge (can only be performed once a match)
  • Vanish – Move instantly behind the opponent and land an attack *Uses 1 Gauge)
  • Ultimate Z Change – Launch a Super Attack with your team members (Uses 1 Gauge)

And if you want more DB FighterZ, check out the videos down below.

Maximilian Dood has provided the community with a tremendous amount of gameplay footage and info. Check out the first two videos of his down below.

The developers for the highly anticipated game are also open to creating a Nintendo Switch game and implementing cross-platform play if there is a huge request for them. So make sure to tweet at Bandai Namco and Arc System Works to let them know that you want these.

But the latest news for Dragon Ball FighterZ is that Future Trunks will be the latest addition to the roster according to a screencap from the Shonen Jump magazine.

This is the Dragon Ball fighting game that many fans have wanted and Shenron has granted our wish. And this game will surely take the stage at one of the greatest Fighting Game tournaments in the world that is EVO.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will launch early 2018 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you can’t wait until next year, there’ll be a closed beta hitting this summer on PS4 and Xbox One.

What did you think of the debut of Dragon Ball FighterZ? Who would you like to see as a playable character? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned with the Junkie Monkeys for more on Dragon Ball FighterZ.