Analysis of the 30+ Leaked Super Smash Bros. Images

Posted 2014/08/25 by William Manzo in Gaming

Leaked Super Smash Bros. Images

Some leaked gameplay emerged for three new characters in the Smash Bros. roster recently, but now we have over 30 images of leaked content that has surfaced online. We’ve gone ahead and done an analysis on all the recently leaked pictures.


  • The Replay Channel might show off a limited number of saved matches (might be similar to MK8’s MKTV). The World Stats are leaderboards and there seems to be a Spectator Mode of some sort. How in depth Spectator Mode will be is something we’ll just have to wait and see.


  • We’ve already seen how Mii Fighters could wear items related to several roster characters including Samus and Meta Knight. It looks like Mii Fighters will have a lot of customization options as seen by the Straw Hat item headgear above.
  • Next to the Straw Hat item we see too familiar faces from Pokemon and Super Mario series: Dedenne and Larry Koopa.


  • More items shown above. Among the items are Ghastly, the infamous bunny ears, and more.


  • Win Rate, Current Trends and Odds are shown above. Adding coins to odds gives players incentive to double your gold if correct.


  • Lucario is the next enemy in line in this game mode. Master Hand will be the final battle.


  • Another look at a new game mode previously shown by Nintendo.


  • A mario Amiibo for the 3DS version of the game? It looks like it.


  • An enemy or a trophy in the game? Who knows.


  • Tharja from the Fire Emblem series is shown. The leaker shows off her lower half, her name, and the book that she’s holding.


  • Tiki from the Fire Emblem series. She appears to be a trophy in the game.


  • Twinrova is a boss from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We’ve seen the two witches in Smash Bros. screenshots before, so this is another indication at the merger version of the boss.


  • Tharja again but from a different perspective.


  • A spectate feature is shown where you can share your Mii Fighters, screenshots, and more. Could the more be related to the replay mode?


  • Demon King Arzodias from Monster Manor, a game also known as Streetpass Mansion. The games wiki can be found here.


  • Wario was leaked in the list of screenshots as a playable character in the roster. Does this confirm his appearance in the game and not just as a trophy?


  • Phosphora from Kid Icarus is shown above. Will she be included in the roster? Probably not.


  • If you consider yourself a Star Fox fan then you probably know who this is. Krystal is shown off above.


  • Medusa from Kid Icarus. Not much to say about her here besides there being a model of her in the game.


  • A better look at the Medusa model in Super Smash Bros. “That’s got to be the worst bad hair day ever”.


  • A lot of people grew up with the Donkey Kong Country series (myself included). The screenshot above shows off Candy Kong from the series.


  • The description above says it all. If you grew up back in the day then you’ll automatically know who Pauline is when you hear her name.


  • Barbara was an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, so it’s likely that she’ll return as one in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. as well.


  • The screenshot above shows off several familiar faces including Timmy and Tommy from Animal Crossing, Barbara, and Lyn from the Fire Emblem series.


  • Minigames galore! The screenshot above shows off a game more and a completed objective.


  • Take out as many foes needed to win. This looks like it could be fun for those who are looking for a challenge.
  • Cruel Smash should be extremely difficult… I’m in.


  • The Nintendo 3DS exclusive game mode, Smash Run, in action. Notifications are shown in the yellow bar and the individual stats are shown below.


  • Nintendo’s been paying more and more attention to the beloved Mother series, and it’s made apparent by the Devil Car shown above.


  • It looks like the Dark Train will be an explosive hazard on their appropriate stage. Neat!


  • These are the same characters that were used from leaked gameplay (click here). It could be that the gameplay shown was showing off the stats collected from Smash Run.


  • Dark Pit is in the games roster. Will he be a clone or will he have his own unique move set?


  • Custom training in action. Players will be able to spawn items, change the speed, add CPU’s, input custom damage percentages, and change the camera however they like.


  • A new Pokemon stage and another look at the previously revealed Gameboy themed stage. It’s hard to make out what’s different but it looks interesting nonetheless.


  • Candy Kong’s legs. This leaker must really dig the attention to detail in the models (sarcasm).


  • Leaker, we get it, you love the attention to detail that was put into the models (sarcasm).


  • You’re rewarded for certain challenges, in this case the player is rewarded by defeating a super-sized enemy. One times or two times the reward is being randomized.


  • Controllable missiles with the Mii Gunner eh? This could either be showing off something with the moveset or it could be a certain mini-game in Smash Bros.


  • This image might be fake, but it’s hard to say what’s real or not. A reddit user showed that the Master Hand in this screenshot looks a lot like the one in this screenshot here. That said, the light emitting from Master Hand on top looks like it was cut off for some odd reason. It’s just something we noticed.

Leaked Smash Bros 3DS Gameplay Shows off 3 New Characters; Gameplay Analysis [x]

The images and gameplay are proving too much for our hype train to handle. We may go off the rails if these leaks keep up. All jokes aside the leaked content provided looks great, despite some iffy looking images. Make sure to stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more Smash Bros. related news as information comes up!


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