Announcing Time Skippers

Timeskippers123 (1)

After over four years of work, my very first manga is just about ready for release.

In high school I started writing a manga called Time Skippers. It follows a boy named Sugaku, who must discover his inner element to enter a yearly tournament, where the victor gets a match against Ao, the evil king, for the crown.

It started as a complete parody of manga/anime, and still is to some extent, but after the first arc it evolves into its own entity. There are eight dojos and Sugaku has a pet hamster, which are clearly from Pokemon. When characters power up, their hair slightly grows, which you can figure out where that is from.dojo masters 1

After several rewrites, I’ve decided to make Time Skippers a trilogy, taking place over three years. I am about halfway done actually writing the story, but I have a clear roadmap in my head, especially the ending.

The first issue is complete and ready to go, I am just finalizing release details. The artist is working on several other projects, so I am planning on starting a Patreon to see if I can raise enough money to pay her to exclusively work on Time Skippers.
I would love to turn this into an anime someday, even if a small independenceĀ oneĀ that ends up costing more money than it earns. It’s a project of mine that I’m very passionate of, and can’t wait to share with everybody.

fight 2
A Sample fight I had my artist do. Don’t worry, this is not a spoiler.

If you’ll be at Sakura-Con, be on the lookout for fellow monkey Treezy504 giving out QR codes to access the first issue, as well as a few printed copies. And for the actual release of Time Skippers, which is soon, keep it here at Junkie Monkeys!