Artist Showcase #2 – Fatt Kidd

Our second artist showcase features Atlanta artist Fatt Kidd.

Fatt Kidd is a man of many talents. A producer, writer, and animator; this pool of talent hails from New Orleans, Louisiana and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Fatt Kidd is one half of the infamous Broken Equipment and has garnered over 70,000,000 views on YouTube along with his business partner and brother Twinn. Even though Fatt is mostly known for his hilarious voice work and cartoons, he should not be overlooked when it comes to musical talent.
Fatt Kidd's "Trouble In My Life" is one of many reasons I respect his work. People fail to recognize that even a person as funny as Fatt Kidd can share his personal feelings and outlook on life in musical format. "Trouble In My Life" is pure heart and it's rare to find tracks like that in mainstream Hip Hop today. Fatt Kidd's most recent independent project should not be overlooked either. Jesus Juice Devil Cake is one of the most silent under appreciated projects released in 2012 that stood out to me the most. You get a splash of Fatt Kidd's humor as well as seeing a man who is struggling with pain and demons in his life. The spirit on several songs from JJDC is uplifting and anyone who appreciates great underground Hip Hop will enjoy it. You can download Jesus Juice Devil Cake by clicking here
Fatt Kidd is an artist with ambition and can definitely usher in a new era with his unique production and powerful lyrics. He is currently working on many projects; one of which is the fifth installment of the popular "Like Huah" series (set to release May 1, 2013). The "Like Huah" series has always showcased both Fatt Kidd and his talented brother Twinn's dynamic wordplay. We will be sure to have Like Huah 5 exclusively available for download at Junkie Monkeys as soon as it is available. In the meantime we hope to hear more of Fatt Kidd in the future and will be updating you with more of his current work in the near future.
Check out more from Fatt Kidd at his official Soundcloud.