Artist Showcase #3 – Twinn

It's April and that means it's time to get into our third artist showcase featuring Twinn.

Twinn, the Rap Rocky, Twinnzel Washington, or Twinn it doesn't matter what you call this guy because you still get the same hard working talented artist. Twinn is a producer, animator, writer that comes from the melting pot of New Orleans, Louisiana and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Twinn is one half of the notorious Broken Equipment and has gained a lot of momentum and success along with his business partner and brother Fatt Kidd. Twinn has not only proved successful when it comes to entertaining the hip hop world with hilarious skits, but he is a force to be reckoned with behind a microphone when it comes to creating dope music.

Twinn's "Downtown" is a testament to how far this man can branch out and still amaze you. Twinn is not only a talented Hip Hop artist, but when I first heard "Downtown" I was highly impressed and have listened to the song more times than I care to admit. "Downtown" comes from an independent project Twinn released in 2011 called Paris. Paris is unlike anything I've heard from Twinn in all the years I have been listening to him. The best way to describe this album is like if 808s & Heartbreak was made by Frank Ocean. The lyrics on certain tracks are deep and portray very personal experiences. The production throughout the entire album is flawless. Notable gems on the album are "Whoa Yeah", "Double Dragon Swag", "Magic", "Bed", and "Please Get Better".  You can download Paris by clicking here.
Twinn shows no signs of stopping as he continues to make groundbreaking music. Twinn is a very versatile artist and you can expect to see more progression from this artist on the fifth installment of "Like Huah" (slated to release May 1, 2013). We still plan to host Like Huah 5 and have a full review as soon as it releases. We look forward to hearing this project and more from Twinn, and if you ever want to get a sample of any of Twinn's work make sure to follow his soundcloud.