Artist Showcase #4 – Andwan Zonez

May is here and once again it's time to see this month's artist showcase.

Andwan Zonez is our featured artist for the month of May. I know it may seem like I am only into New Orleans' artists, but I swear this is coincidental when I tell you where Andwan is from. Andwan comes right out of New Orleans, Louisiana and currently resides in Killeen, Texas. Andwan Zonez is currently lighting the underground Hip Hop scene up with his great wordplay and smooth tones. A talent on the stage and in the studio, Andwan has a lot going for him at the moment and has shown progression in his craft over the years.

Andwan Zonez' "The Fortune" is the first song I've heard from him and he definitely has that something that belongs in the game at the moment. Andwan is influenced by the likes of Wu Tang and other respectable artists, but has a style all on his own. He shows a ton of passion in his work and has proof of creating masterful works. Andwan is obsessed with the "BioShock" series and he incorporates themes from the game into his work in very creative ways.

Andwan's most recent project FacePaint (released last year) is one of the most under appreciated mixtapes ever released. Buzz for the mixtape was low, but it's on a scale of one of the best from 2012. Production is bananas and pretty much every song showcases Andwan's smooth delivery. Memorable gems from FacePaint are "3000 Sirens Blaring", "We'll Be Fine", "The One-Take", and "Loyal". If you want to hear these great tracks and more you can download FacePaint by clicking here. Andwan Zonez continues to perfect his work and wow listeners. He is currently working on his latest project "Infinite" (no release date set yet). We will be hosting Infinite right here on Junkie Monkeys so make sure you stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more info on Infinite in the future.