Artist Showcase #5 – Weapon of Mass Creation

A little late on this month’s artist showcase, but guess what it’s June mother fuckers which means we’re still on track. Take a look at who made our spotlight this month!

Weapon of Mass Creation “aka” WMC is a very talented producer straight out of Columbus, Ohio. WMC is 27 years old and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. WMC cites Kanye West as a major influence and notes that “College Dropout” got him interested in pursuing Hip Hop. He also goes on to say that “Graduation” inspired him to start producing at the age of 21 after his father passed away. WMC definitely deserves some credit, because he is a monster when it comes to producing great tracks.

“You and Me” is an example of WMC’s amazing sample ability. WMC has the ability to stand out from the crowd by creating sounds that just fuck your eardrums silly. WMC has captured my attention and many others with his unique blends and captivating skills. His ability to look outside into different genres and incorporate them into Hip Hop and make it work to his advantage is a rare trait for a producer. WMC is without a doubt one of the best underground producers right now.

Currently WMC and I have a joint EP album releasing August 29, 2013 called “Cave in the Sky”. Most projects only feature the vocal artist, but Cave in the Sky is something on another level. This project would not be where it is today without the amazing production of WMC! WMC crafted some amazing songs from Kavinsky’s work and it is some of the greatest production I’ve ever had the pleasure of ┬árecording to.

WMC also plans on releasing a debut album as a rapper by the end of the year. It’s still untitled at the moment, but he plans on making it another joint project between him and me. We will keep you updated on this project as well.

Weapon of Mass Creation can only go up from where he stands currently, and I highly recommend you check out his Soundcloud page to hear more of his work.

Stay tuned to more artist showcases right here at Junkie Monkeys!