Artist Showcase #6 – Zephon Price

Zephon Price

We can’t end July without an Artist Showcase, so without further delay let’s see who made it in this month.

Zephon Price “aka” Tygah Raje is a one of a kind producer/rapper from Cincinnati, Ohio. Zephon started producing in high school by using Funkmaster Flex’s Digital Hitz Factory for the PlayStation 2, before moving up to bigger and better tools. Zephon credits Timbaland as an inspiration for production. He also cites classic artists like Pac, Big, Mos Def, as well as a vast amount of unsigned artists as his inspiration for rapping. Zephon has the utmost respect for these artists and for anyone who leaves a piece of themselves in their music. Zephon definitely deserves to shine some light on himself, because he is a very well rounded and down to earth artist.

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“My Music” is just a small sample of the power Zephon packs as a producer. Zephon can tackle pretty much any style and transform it into an epic production. It’s not that rare of a trait for a producer to branch out and try to create a variety of sounds, but it is rare for a producer to be extremely good at it. Zephon Price IS that producer. Zephon is one of many men on the front line who is aggressively trying to change the landscape of the current generation of Hip Hop.

Currently Zephon is working on is own project titled “Generation whY?”. Zephon states that at this time that is all he can currently focus on. Knowing what Zephon is capable of producing, I am confident that his project will exceed many people’s expectations. We will have more info on Zephon’s project once it is made available.

The future is looking bright for Zephon and we hope to hear more of his work in the coming months. If you would like to hear more of Zephon’s work, then take some time to check out his Soundcloud page.

Stay tuned to more artist showcases right here at Junkie Monkeys!