Attack on Titan Season 2 Coming in 2017


New info regarding season two of Attack on Titan was released during Japan’s Shingeki Matsuri/Attack Festival.Over the Fourth of July weekend, Attack on Titan’s Japanese voice cast came together for a reading and live event and made a special announcement, ultimately confirming a season two release window.

Not only did the anime first hit the air in early 2013, it literally trail-blazed into the spring anime season and was the show to watch for that entire year. You couldn’t get on the Internet and not run into something Attack on Titan related due to its incredibly fast popularity.

Finally, after one unfortunate delay in 2014 and three long years of waiting for the news fans of the series have been anxiously dying to hear, the second season of Attack on Titan is scheduled to broadcast during the Spring of 2017. Now that just barely makes it a little under a year of waiting time. Now that might not be as soon as most viewers would have wanted, but at least now fans have a sense of relief knowing the news has been confirmed.

The shows even celebrated the news on Twitter by also releasing a new key visual for season two.

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