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Gen 3 Has Officially Been Added To Pokémon GO

We all knew about this one for a while thanks to leaks, but Niantic made it official today. Generation 3 has now been added to Pokémon GO as a part of this year’s Halloween event.

Nintendo Officially Announces SNES Classic

The rumors were circulating about this one for awhile, and Nintendo made the official announcement today.

E3 2017: Nintendo Announces Cross Network Play With Xbox One

Nintendo and Microsoft have come together, and they made the announcement at E3. A few videogames will soon have cross network compatibility between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players.

E3 2017: Nintendo Announces New Metroid Games

The Metroid franchise is no longer being neglected. Nintendo announced at this year’s E3 convention that a few Metroid games will be coming out soon.

New Mobile Pokémon Game Now Available

The Pokémon Company has released another mobile game. There are no Pokémon to catch and collect this time however. The latest game focuses solely on training one Pokémon; Magikarp.  

Pokémon Bank Now Compatible With Sun & Moon

Gotta transfer em’ all! Pokémon Bank has finally become compatible with Sun and Moon via update, making players able to transfer Pokémon from previous games into the latest games. Nintendo is also giving out a special...

Corrupt Save Glitch Discovered In Pokémon Sun & Moon

An unfortunate glitch has been discovered in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It appears that saving your game in certain areas can corrupt your safe file and result in the loss of your data.

The Nintendo NX is Officially Revealed

The wait is finally over. Nintendo has officially revealed its next console in a trailer. Plenty of anticipated new games, the layout of the console, and other special features of the console were all shown off in this first p...

Mortal Kombat XL Patch Coming Soon

  A balance patch will be coming out for all versions of Mortal Kombat XL in a few days. There will apparently be a few character buffs coming our way. The specific details of the patch will be announced in a livestream...

Niantic Starting To Crack Down on Pokémon Go Cheaters

If you want to catch ’em all on your smartphone, then you have to do it legitimately. Pokémon Go developer Niantic has begun a major crack down on those who use cheats and hacks in the game, resulting in harsh penalties ...