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Never Before Seen Clip from ‘The Boondocks’ Pilot Released

We absolutely love The Boondocks (with the exception of season 4) and we hope that Aaron McGruder and Co. will one day come back to do another season. While season 4 of The Boondocks is currently the last and final season (sea...

This Rick and Morty Theory Changes Everything

Rick and Morty is without a doubt one of the greatest shows to grace television in the past decade. Every episode of Rick and Morty feels like a brand new adventure, but something bigger has always been brewing in the background.

Tommy #2 Review

The good guys over at Creature Entertainment blessed us with a load of great comics, including Tommy #2. After falling in love with issue #1 of the series I was eager to read the next chapter of this dark and twisted tale. 

Sakura-Con 2016: Interview with Reuben Langdon

A couple of weeks back we interviewed actor and stuntman extraordinaire Reuben Langdon! Check out our exclusive interview with Reuben Langdon on his career below.

‘The Boondocks’ Producer Teases ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Comeback

Let me be 100% with you folks right now; Rocko’s Modern Life is the reason I love cartoons! Rocko’s Modern Life is the first cartoon I can vividly remember watching as a kid and the show has never lost it’s fl...

ECCC 2016: Cameron Stewart Talks ‘Fight Club 3’

Last week at Emerald City Comicon I got to meet one of the best illustrators in the comic book game; that’s right folks, I met the one and only Cameron Stewart! After shooting the shit with Cameron a bit, I asked him if h...

Tommy #1 Review

Just yesterday I was strolling around the halls of Emerald City Comicon when a certain comic series caught my eye. The cover displayed a maniacal rabbit drowning a Trix-esque looking rabbit in a bowl of fruity goodness. The c...

Grand Theft Auto VI Teaser Revealed

Reports are starting to surface that Grand Theft Auto VI is currently in production. While initial reports have indicated that the next installment in the series could take place in Tokyo; we have recently received word from ou...

Sakura-Con 2016: Interview with Kyle Hebert

You may know him as the infamous narrator in Dragon Ball Z, but Kyle Hebert has done loads of voice work in the industry. Kyle has voiced characters like Gohan, Ox King, Pikkon, & the narrator in the hit anime series Drago...

Sakura-Con 2016: Interview with Chuck Huber

For over two decades Chuck Huber has done amazing work in the entertainment industry. He has voiced characters on hit anime series like Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Soul Eater, and Shin-Chan.