Bayonetta Facing Possible Smash Ban in Spain

Posted 2016/04/08 by CJ DeGennaro in Gaming


Bayonetta continues to be one of the most controversial characters in Super Smash Bros 4. Even in spite of a patch that nerfed her a few weeks ago, many people complain that Bayonetta is still too powerful. Competitive Smash players in Spain may soon no longer have the option to play as the Umbra Witch.

Bayonetta ironically skyrocketed on tier lists after she received nerfs in update patch 1.1.5. She is currently ranked #1 on the Event Hubs tier list for SSB4. Cloud and Sheik were also nerfed in this patch, causing Sheik to plummet down on the tier list. Many have continued to argue that Bayonetta is still too strong, mainly because of her abilities to get kills more easily at low percentages. The competitive Smash scene in Spain is ready to ban her outright in all tournament play.


This would not be the first time that a character has been banned in competitive Smash Bros. Meta Knight still continues to be banned in most Brawl tournaments, due to how ridiculously overpowered he was in Brawl. The Smash scene in Spain is seriously considering banning Bayonetta, and they appear close to making a decision.

Junkie Monkeys will keep you updated on the Bayonetta verdict.


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