Blizzard’s New Overwatch Animated Short ‘The Last Bastion’ Unveiled

The Last Bastion

Blizzard’s been cooking up another animated film for Overwatch for a while now. This time, fans are diving into ‘The Last Bastion’ with more story revolving around the Omnic Crisis.

Fans young and old have fallen in love with all of the Overwatch animated shorts up to this point. Each animated short has revolved around specific characters, special moments connected to the game during gameplay, and has given fans of the game bits of story with each newly uploaded feature. While it’s been a while since Blizzard’s gone into the Omnic Crisis when it comes to the games’ lore, this new short should tell us more of what we should know. Enjoy ‘The Last Bastion’ as we get to see a much more peaceful version of the deadly Omnics seen throughout Overwatch lore.

Things are looking good for Overwatch, with new emotes, necessary buffs/ nerfs, and a brand new map coming out for the game in the near future (some of this already playable via the PTR on the PC version of the game). Keep your eyes peeled for Overwatch streams on our Twitch channel and clips from the game on our Facebook page. For more on Overwatch make sure to keep it locked here at JunkieMonkeys.