Blue Exorcist: “Gehenna Gate” Episode Review


Blue Exorcist is bringing you fiery tears of joy with this intense episode! Check it out! 

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Rin receiving the news that he truly is the son of Satan hits him like a bullet; and in bad timing too, as Father Fujimoto and him attempt to run away from the demons that are after him. When they make it to the monastery, Father Fujimoto admits to keeping this a secret from him all this time and hands him a powerful sword that will release the demon within him if it were ever unsheathed. As the other exorcists fight off the demons, a familiar face from before shows up ready to wreak havoc once again.


After Fujimoto preforms another exorcist on the boy, all seems calm and well until Fujimoto becomes possessed, not by some ordinary demon, but by Satan himself. Now, Rin’s real father tries to drag him down through the open gates of hell, but Father Fujimoto is the last one to let that happen without a fight. With what little strength he has left and like the pure man he is, Fujimoto takes his own life to save his son. Rin tries to save his dad by unleashing his sword and doing away with the gate to hell. However, it’s far too late and Father Fujimoto is no more. In the end, Rin vows to defeat the devil himself by becoming an exorcist while using his new demonic powers by joining forces with an eccentric looking friend of the late Fujimoto from the True Cross Academy named Mephisto, who meets Rin after the funeral.


If you thought the last episode was intense, then this one probably blew your mind. For one, this episode was much more dramatic than the first and the last person I ever expected to get killed off, let alone be possessed by Satan, dies. It’s barely the second episode, but we also see Rin mature already. For him to take the chance to never live the life of a normal human being in order to save the man that raised him was a real eye opener, kicking in some serious character development. Not only that, but he chooses to take the first step into his new life similar to that of Father Fujimoto by wanting to be an exorcist, making the irony levels reach an all new high. Unfortunately, it took a tragic event for it to finally happen. Not to mention the relationship between Yukio and Rin seems to be broken just by seeing how Yukio never said a word to his brother at their father’s funeral. Leading to another part of the story that I can’t wait to see unfold in possibly numerous ways. One of my favorite elements of Blue Exorcist that I can’t get enough of its use of jaw dropping dialogue. There’s just something going on in my mind when watching this show. Last but not least, my absolute favorite part of the show is at the end when Rin tells Mephisto, “I’m going beat the sh*t out of Satan.” If that doesn’t get you hyped then I don’t know what will!


This monkey gives this episode a 10 out of 10 bananas. 


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