Breaking Bad 3D Character Models By Naughty Dog’s Frank Tzeng

Posted 2013/10/08 by Jeff R. in Gaming


Now that Breaking Bad is over, I find myself going through withdrawals. I recently thought of how cool it would be if Breaking Bad would be made into a video game. While thinking about a video game for Breaking Bad I was reminded of these amazing character models of Walter White made by Naughty Dog’s Frank Tzeng. I figure now is a great time to show off some of his awesome work for fellow Breaking Bad fans.

Walter White video game Frank




If Naughty Dog were to ever develop a Breaking Bad video game, at least they have a character artist with the skills to make it happen. What am I saying, a Breaking Bad game will never happen… but isn’t Naughty Dog owned by Sony? Sony did also produce Breaking Bad so… I’m just playing with you guys, a Breaking Bad video game will more than likely never happen, but it’s fun to dream. Thank you Frank for making my dream sort of a reality. You rock!

Check out more of Frank’s work!

Let us know which show you would like to see as a video game below?

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