Breed Pokemon in 4 Minutes, All It Takes is a Quarter

Posted 2013/10/23 by Jeff R. in Gaming


Alright my Pokemon freaks, today we have a brief tutorial on how you can breed Pokemon quickly and efficiently!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pokemon breeding, it is a very unique feature that has been in Pokemon for generations. You take a male and female Pokemon to a breeder who will raise your pokemon. If both Pokemon are compatible then you will receive and egg that will hatch after a certain amount of game progress. This system has changed somewhat over the years, but the overall concept is still the same.

Now here is what you need to do for Pokemon X and Y.

1 – Capture a Fletchling and raise it to a level 17 so it can evolve into a Fletchinder. Fletchinder has the flame body ability which is extremely crucial for breeding, because it cuts down the hatching time in half.

2. Once you have a Fletchling make sure you capture a Ditto. OG Pokemon heads know that Ditto will breed with any Pokemon except for itself and certain legendary Pokemon.

3. Bring the Pokemon you want to mate to the breeder and drop that Pokemon and Ditto off and run around a while until your first egg arrives.

4. Once you have your egg and everything ready grab yourself a quarter and follow the steps in the video below! Enjoy!

That’s it folks! After about 4 minutes of cycling in a circle your egg should be hatched and ready to go! Head back to the breeder and he will immediately give you another egg and then you rinse and repeat.

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