Brian Griffin Might Not Be Dead

Posted 2013/11/25 by Jeff R. in Film

Brian NOT dead Family Guy

Back in August, we reported on one event that would change the landscape of Family Guy. Writers for the series shed brief details on what to expect from Season 12. One critical detail was the death of a family member, with that family member being replaced by a new character.

We dug deep into the issue and narrowed it down to the possibility of two characters being killed off. The two characters we had listed were Brian and Chris. You can read our full theory by clicking here.

Last night Family Guy fans had to watch the death of Brian Griffin, only to see him replaced by another dog named Vinny. I personally do not like the move and was banking on Chris’s death, but before jumping to the conclusion that Brian is dead forever, let’s once again look into the facts.

Unless Family Guy writers were deliberately attempting to throw people off the entire time, there are still episodes that have not yet aired that apparently feature Brian. Let’s go ahead and look at the evidence.

Take a look at the picture below.

Brian dead family guy

The screenshot you see above is taken from the Season 12 Comic Con trailer that was shown before this season started to air. The above picture is from an unseen episode of Family Guy and features Brian sitting on an ice chest. Before you go and mention Cleveland being in the picture is wrong, please remember that The Cleveland Show was cancelled and he will be returning in a future episode of Family Guy this season titled, “He’s Bla-ack!” This is not the only piece of evidence, let’s dig deeper.

Another early episode we heard about that has yet to air is the episode “Grimm Job”. Please take the time to examine the promo picture for this future episode below and tell me what you see.

Family Guy Grimm Job Brian Alive

This Family Guy episode will feature main characters portraying popular characters from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. If you look closely you can see Brian portraying the Big Bad Wolf.

Are you convinced yet? No? Ok here is more evidence.

There are several questionable episodes that have been listed as upcoming episodes that are slated to air this season. These episodes are “Brian’s a Bad Father” and “Brian’s Got Back”.  Remember these are two episodes that have not aired yet.

Another confirmed plot for Fall of 2014 is the following.

An unnamed episode will guest star Maya Rudolph as a runner whom Brian falls for and Glenn Howerton as the publisher of a children’s book written by Joe. The episode is slated to air in the fall of 2014.

This is either the biggest ruse ever created by Family Guy writers to throw snooping fans off, or Brian is actually dead and will never be seen again. There is too much evidence supporting Brian in future episodes, so who knows what the hell is going on in the minds of the Family Guy staff.

Let us know your thoughts on this below and stay tuned Junkie Monkeys for all your entertainment needs.

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