Rick and Morty #6 Comic Book Review

Ready for the best day of your life? Ball Fondlers make their triumphant debut in comic book form!

The Return of the Power Rangers in Comic Book Form

With news of a Power Rangers movie in the works, there is also news that a comic book series will morph into action in 2016.

Star Donkey – Invader Zim Issue #3 Review

Totally 100% legit artist Schminvader Shwim plans to complete his giant donkey art piece with the support of the filthy eart- err… Lovely humans. Will he complete his masterpiece and not be stopped by Dib’s big head...

My Tallest – Invader Zim Comic #2 Review

Invader Zim and the gang are back for the second issue in a longer line of comic books. So how does Issue #2 of Invader Zim hold up? Let’s find out in our review!

Rick and Morty #5 Comic Book Review

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The Ball Fondlers Will Shine in Rick and Morty #6

Somebody pinch me! Oni Press will dive into an intense tale about The Ball Fondlers in Rick and Morty #6!

Rick and Morty #3 Comic Book Review

We’re a little late with the latest Rick and Morty comic review, but we’re back and ready to deliver more R&M madness to you. The review contains minor spoilers. Rick is still trapped inside the Clackspire Laby...

Gangsta. GN #2 Review

Synopsis Gangsta. follows the lives of two self proclaimed “Handymen” by the name of Nic and Worick. These two take on unwanted jobs within the corrupted city of Ergastulum — a city filled with prostitutes, gangs and c...