Goku’s Mother Revealed in Dragon Ball Minus

A special bonus manga produced by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama has released.  The manga is called Dragon Ball Minus and it features Goku’s mother.

The Art of Thief Review

  It’s time for another art book review, this time we will be looking at The Art of Thief from Titan Books.

An Interview With Carl Jones

A couple of days ago I got to speak with one of the most talented individuals in the animation game. That person is Carl Jones.

The Ultimate Cartoon Network Crossover is Coming

Get ready comic book heads, the ultimate Cartoon Network crossover is coming.

The Walking Dead: What Does The Issue 127 Cover Mean For The Series?

Yesterday, the cover for issue #127 of The Walking Dead was revealed. Robert Kirkman is notorious for trolling fans with covers that display false information, or sometimes altered information, like Dale still having both legs...

Samurai Jack Is Back

Samurai Jack Is Coming Back In February 2014

Jack fans rejoice. The epic animated tale of Samurai Jack is returning on Toonami in February!

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit Vol. 9 Review

For our first manga review on Junkie Monkeys we are diving into the dramatic series of Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit.