Toonami Airs Sword Art Online – Review

Toonami finally premiered the first episode of Sword Art Online this past Saturday and gave us anime freaks the answer that’s been stuck in our minds since they announced it’s arrival: What the hell will the English...

Top 10 Moments In Anime With The Most “Feels” (PART ONE)

One thing about anime is that it can make a big ass dude that says he watches Dragon Ball Z all day, every day, cry like a baby just because of how sad some animated shows can be. That takes a lot for an animated show to do. Ju...

BEP Presents: Migos Ft. Drake – Fake Versace

Last week it was Magna Carta Holy Fai, this week our boys over at BEP are shitting on Drizzy Drake. Check out the latest golden parody from Broken Equipment!

BEP Presents: Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Fail

Our boys over at Broken Equipment Productions have created another cartoon classic.

Here’s a First Glimpse at The Boondocks Season 4

For over a year we have been waiting to see some kind of life from The Boondocks season 4. Thanks to the beautiful Regina King we finally get to see a first look at the new season!