Escape From Tomorrow Review

Randy Moore makes his directorial debut with the somewhat controversial Escape From Tomorrow. This movie has been praised as the ultimate guerrilla film, and that may be just the only thing this film has to offer.

Don Jon

Don Jon Review

Going into this movie I thought to myself, am I really excited to watch a movie about a guy who’s addicted to porn? The film isn’t that black and white of course but that’s the gist of what you need to know wh...

THITS: Escape From Tomorrow

Welcome back to another edition of The Hell Is This Shit. This time we’re doing a live reaction to the recent trailer for Escape From Tomorrow. It blew my mind and I’m sure it will blow yours! Check it out.

THITS: Squirrels

There aren’t enough words to explain the new trailer for Squirrels in this article. So we’re going to give our first impressions in a video instead. It’s just…wow.

Elysium Review

Matt Damon puts his acting chops to work in the new science/action filmĀ  “Elysium“. Want to know if this movie is worth the watch? Click to find out!

Pacific Rim Review

Pacific Rim – Review

To many, Guillermo Del Toro’s newest film Pacific Rim sets a new standard for monster movies, but to others the film falls just short of decent. It’s a film about giant mechs fighting enormous monsters to save the w...

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim’s Tribute To Monster Movies (Trailer)

Giant Mech’s and Towering Kaiju’s are here to battle in Guillermo Del Toro’s newest film, Pacific Rim. The Wondercon trailer was released not too long ago and it’s sure to keep you on the edge of yo...

Ratchet And Clank Movie

Ratchet & Clank Film Teaser Trailer

Insomniac Games have been tight-lipped as of late when its come to answering any questions concerning the future for Ratchet and Clank. Well it looks like Ratchet & Clank have been preparing for their appearance on the big ...

The Wolverine Vine Teaser

The Wolverine Vine Teaser

  A new teaser for the upcoming 'The Wolverine' has been released on Vine. Though the first film may not have pleased many fans, this looks like it will do the character and series some Justice…hopefully.