Toei Brings ‘Dragon Ball GT’ to Hulu… No One Cares

Yesterday Toei announced that they made Dragon Ball GT available to watch on Hulu. The announcement was met with the typical response.

Premiere Date Announced for Game of Thrones

  One of the best shows, Game of Thrones, is returning to HBO with an April premiere. 

‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Gets Release Date

2016 just keeps getting better and better for comic book fans everywhere.

First Game of Thrones Season Six Promo Features Jon Snow

Game of Thrones will return next year and HBO is already prepping the hype train. Wait until you get a load of their first promo piece for season six!

Dragon Ball Super Is Coming to Toonami

Before you get too excited, there is a bit of a downside to this news.

The Boondocks 10th Anniversary

“Excuse me. Everyone, I have a brief announcement to make. Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the devil, and the government is lying about 9-11. Thank you for your time and good night.” It was ten years ago today I ...

Robert Kirkman’s Outcast Gets A Trailer

Fans of The Walking Dead might want to check out Robert Kirkman's other television show based off of one of his comics, Outcast.

Kenan & Kel Good Burger Reunion

Jimmy Fallon has his moments sometimes and last night he filled the nostalgia meter to the max! 

Rick and Morty “Big Trouble In Little Sanchez” Episode Review

Tiny Rick is hanging out at his grandkids high school and Morty’s parents are at couple counseling institute recommended by Rick. What could go wrong?