David Hayter’s Response To Not Being In MGSV

David Hayter has been in gaming news a lot recently when it's come to talk about Metal Gear Solid V. David recently wrote his response, directed to fans, on why he isn't in MGSV and several events surrounding work ...

Borderlands 2 Update

The Return Of Pearlescent Weapons And New Additions To Borderlands 2

Those who have been following the recent news for Borderlands 2 should be patiently waiting for upcoming DLC and a level cap increase. What about updates like an extra playthrough, eridium additions, the return of the ever popu...

Cling for iOS

Cling iOS Review

  A new title from First 5 Games has hit the App Store. It's what their team like to call the world's first "pegformer", a challenging new experience in the world of Cling.

Screenshot for the Battlefield 4 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Battlefield 4 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Those who have been anxiously staring at their screens, waiting for the Battlefield 4 reveal, need to wait no longer. Here's the gameplay reveal trailer for Battlefield 4.

Ride ‘Em Rigby Review

I normally don't review iOS titles, but for Regular Show I'll make an exception.

Isaac Clarke In PS AllStars

PS AllStars DLC Preview – Isaac, Zeus, and The New Medievil Stage

The latest DLC content drop for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is here. How well do the new characters Isaac Clarke and Zeus face off against others on new ground. Let's find out in our content preview.

New Sega Project Teaser

Sega Teases A New PS3/ PS Vita Project

Sega's teasing something that's coming to the PS3 and PlayStation Vita. What could it be?

Five Rare PlayStation 3 Games

Before the PlayStation 4 releases and starts to gain momentum with gamers, we decided to take a look at five rare PlayStation 3 titles.

PlayStation All-Stars:Battle Royal By Randy Bantog

Latest PS All-Stars Patch Is The Biggest Yet

  Sony Santa Monica's very own Seth Killian has gone ahead and listed the new character fixes and general game changes coming to PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale on March 19th, 2013; Same as the release date for th...

Five Repulsive PS3 Trophies

With all the silly controversy surrounding God of War: Ascension lately, we decided to list five trophies that could be considered just as bad as the "Bros before Hos" trophy.