PlayStation 3

Persona 5 Gets Its Release Date for Japan

Persona 5 has finally received a release date for Japan.

Mighty No. 9 Gets a Confirmed Release Date

There’s still some hope left for the long awaited Mega Man successor after all.

Platinum Games Announces New TMNT Game

First it was Transformers, now Platinum Games wants to bring back another relic from our childhood.

Mighty No. 9 Gets Another Delay

It turns out that Mighty No. 9 won’t be making its February release. 

Sony Denied Trademark for “Let’s Play”

A few days ago, we reported that Sony filed for a trademark of the phrase "Let's Play". Sony, since then, has been denied the trademark.

Fan Recreates Uncharted 4 TV Spot in LittleBigPlanet 3

You’re probably aware of how ridiculously talented the LittleBigPlanet community is if you’re a PlayStation fan. With that being said a LBP creator has recreated the recent TV spot for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s E...

Six Years Later; Noby Noby Boy Finally Comes Full Circle

Damn it’s been six years since I last played Noby Noby Boy! I remember this game for it’s weirdness, but I never saw this game ever reaching it’s ultimate ending.

A Demon’s Souls PS4 Remaster Must Happen

Over a week ago, FromSoftware tweeted out a cryptic image that got Demon’s Souls fans everywhere stirred up!

Konami Wouldn’t Let Hideo Kojima Go to the Game Awards 2015

Hideo Kojima, the man behind Metal Gear Solid, has been informed by Konami's lawyers that he was not allowed to attend The Game Awards 2015 to accept awards for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Life Is Strange Limited Edition Revealed

Ever since it released back in January, Life Is Strange quickly captured the attention (and hearts) of gamers everywhere in more ways than one. Today, Dontnod have announced that the beloved series will be getting a physical re...