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Star Wars: Battlefront Announced At EA Press Conference

The time for a new Star Wars: Battlefront game is almost upon us. Announced at EA‘s E3 press conference. A reboot in the Battlefront series is coming. Are you ready?

Star Wars: Battlefront 3

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Leaked Footage Shows What It Could’ve Been

  New footage of what could have been Star Wars: Battlefront 3 has surfaced online. We have the scoop on the latest information.


David Hayter’s Response To Not Being In MGSV

David Hayter has been in gaming news a lot recently when it's come to talk about Metal Gear Solid V. David recently wrote his response, directed to fans, on why he isn't in MGSV and several events surrounding work ...

Screenshot for the Battlefield 4 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Battlefield 4 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Those who have been anxiously staring at their screens, waiting for the Battlefield 4 reveal, need to wait no longer. Here's the gameplay reveal trailer for Battlefield 4.

PaRappa Voice Actor Leads Petition for PaRappa The Rapper 3

Junkie Monkeys recently caught up with our good friend Dred Foxx to talk about his campaign for PaRappa the Rapper 3 and more.

Crash Bandicoot Reboot In The Works?

  Recent information has shown up concerning our favorite orange bandicoot's future. Is Crash getting a cameo in Skylanders? Or is he getting a completely new reboot of the franchise?

5 PS3 Games That Should Appear on the PS4

  With the PlayStation 4 set to release later this year we take a look at PlayStation 3 titles that should release on the PlayStation 4 instead.

Sucker Punch Unveils New Company Logo

  Sucker Punch have decided to retire their old company logo after 15 years.

Crash Bandicoot Reacts To PS4 Reveal

Crash Bandicoot hasn't seen the light of day in quite some time. On the bright side, the PS4 reveal may have given him just a slight glimmer of hope. Emphasis on may.