King Kendrick is back with a single that is a complete 180 degree turn from his previous single “i”. For those who were upset at his positive outlook on his last track, this song more than suffices with Kendrick himself stating “I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015.

Not only does the track address and include almost every black stereotype it also feels as this is his response to all that has continued to transpire during not only the last few years, but the duration of U.S.A. history. Lamar has been one of my favorite artists for a few years now and I expected nothing less from the T.D.E. head honcho.

Give this song multiple listens below, and if you don’t feel the waves that this track is emitting just understand that the landscape of Hip-Hop in 2015 has been altered.

Birdman Pissed At Wayne For Disrespecting Him

A day after it was reported that Birdman has become frustrated with Lil Wayne, due to the choice words used by the New Orleans rapper on the opening track of his Sorry For The Wait 2 mixtape, new reports are stating that Lil Wayne is claiming Birdman owes him $8 million as an advance for his last album that has yet to be paid. It’s not clear which album Lil Wayne is speaking on, however according to new reports by TMZ, settlement talks between the two rappers have broken down and Lil Wayne is now preparing to sue Birdman Sr.