Nintendo & Vans Announce Shoe Collaboration

Level up in style.

Skate Fillet 36: Dyrdek off DC shoes, More Victims against Baby Scumbag, Diamond Footwear

In this week’s episode of Skate Fillet we talk about the Rob Dyrdek off DC shoes, developments in Steven Fernandez case, Stove skateboards, Diamond footwear and much more!!

Top 5 Skateboard Logos

There has been a lot of logos made in the skateboard universe but which one holds the title to be called the best?

Knox Godoy: Parting ways with Baker, Pissed off Erik Ellington, Slight of Hand

Knox Godoy shares why he left Baker skateboards and talks about his new board brand Slight of Hand.

Junkie Monkeys are Looking for New Dedicated Writers & Personalities!

Hi! Welcome to Junkie Monkeys! Are you our next writer?

Watch Skate Fillet 31 Now!

This has been another interesting week in skateboarding. We share our thoughts on Shane O’neill’s Primitive part, Jason Park first pro part , Danny Way hates on Vans and more!!

Watch Skate Fillet 30 Now!

Today we talk about Koston and Guy Mariano leaving long time board sponsor Girl skateboards, Jose Rojo on Nike SB, Alex Midler leaving Real skateboards and more!

Watch Skate Fillet 29 Now!

Today we talk about Shane O’neill joining Primitive Skateboarding, Kelvin Hoefler parting ways with AMMO skateboards, Guy Mariano leaving all his sponsors and much more!

Skate Fillet 28: Nyjah Wearing Nike SB, Kelvin Hoefler Blank Board, Carlin off Enjoi

Today we talk about Nyjah Huston Wearing Nike SB, Kelvin Hoefler Blank Board, Jimmy Carlin off Enjoi and much more!

5 Skaters Who Didn’t Turn Pro

Every amateur skater’s dream is to hope one day to turn into a pro and have their name on boards and shoes. Unfortunately not every skateboarder fulfill this goal, here are 5 notable names who fell short on turning  pro.