Check Out This Bad Ass Metal Gear Solid CQC Tribute

Cardboard box? Check. Bandana? Check. Loyalty to your country? Check! 

The folks over at Legend of Micah on YouTube recently uploaded this carefully choreographed and edited stunt tribute dedicated to the fighting technique used in the Metal Gear Solid series known as CQC. These actors and stuntmen definitely remember the basics of close quarters combat and have been in many different works of film, from Captain America: Civil War to TV’s biggest shows like The Walking Dead. Only the best of the best for the legendary soldier, Big Boss.

Many salutes and recognition to director Micah Moore and the guys featured in the video, such as Matt Scheib, Alex Hashioka, Bruce Shepperson, Billy Bussey, and Kevin Kem. Be sure to check out their other projects via Facebook, YouTube and Instagram at Legend of Micah.

Which MGS game is your favorite? Let us know down below and stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more Metal Gear Solid goodness.