Christopher Sabat Addresses Complaining Fans About Vegeta Voice Change

Posted 2014/07/17 by Jeff R. in Film

Chris Sabat Vegeta

Christopher Sabat is known as one of Dragon Ball Z’s finest voice actors; he has single handedly provided voices for numerous characters on the show. From characters like Omega Shenron and Kami, to notable characters like Piccolo and Yamcha; Chris Sabat has done a lot for the Dragon Ball universe. Mr. Sabat’s voice acting for his most notorious role as Vegeta has been coming under fire as of late and he has decided to address complaining fans.

I’ve heard of fans complaining about new and updated voices in Dragon Ball Z Kai as well as the upcoming English release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. One complaint from fans that arises quite a bit is the minor change in Vegeta’s voice. One fan tweeted Chris Sabat the following after one of the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods clip released.

Mr. Sabat responded with class of course. 

This is more than likely not the first time Chris Sabat has had to deal with complaints about Vegeta’s newish voice so he felt the need to address everyone with the following.

There you have it folks! If you still have a problem with the way Chris Sabat voices Vegeta; you should borrow Trunks’ time machine, go back 15 years, and bring Mr. Sabat to the present to replace himself. That’s the only way you’re going to get that classic Vegeta sound back! 

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