Could Media Molecule’s Upcoming Game be for Project Morpheus?

Posted 2014/07/21 by William Manzo in Gaming

Media Molecule Project Morpheus

A recent teaser video can be considered a first look into Media Molecule’s upcoming PS4 game, according to the devs. There’s plenty of notes to take from the recent teaser, and it may just be showing that the game is being developed as a Project Morpheus title.

Media Molecule recently posted the video below and consider the video a teaser of what’s to come…kind of. The video pretty much shows off a rendering error for their upcoming PlayStation 4 game.

Making games: Embrace your mistakes – Media Molecule


We already know that Media Molecule have a Project Morpheus to mess around with, but this may just be an inside look at what they’re working with. We’ve seen how Project Morpheus uses PlayStation Move controllers to further interact in gameplay demo’s like in Morpheus Castle, so this could be the case with Media Molecule’s title as well. If you can look past the rave visuals, you can obviously see a persons silhouette. There have been plenty of games that have used the PlayStation Camera, not just for Morpheus titles (take The Playroom as an example), and this looks to be the same. An old mans face can also be seen in the trailer, so it may also be that the PlayStation Move tech demo at a previous E3 could have hinted at what’s to come.

Sumo Digital is of course working on LittleBigPlanet 3, but it has been confirmed that Media Molecule are involved with that project as well (according to a post by GameReactor.EU). The previous rumor for LittleBigPlanet 3D may not come to fruition, but whatever the game above is, we’re excited to see just what Media Molecule has up their sleeve.

Gamescom is coming up soon, so we may or may not see an official reveal there. For more on Media Molecule’s upcoming PS4 game, gaming news, and more, stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys.


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