Could Toonami Premier Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in English First?

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is one of the most talked about animated films since it’s release. Fans have been clamoring for an English dubbed version for quite some time, and it got me thinking about the possibility of Toonami premiering an English dub of the movie before it releases officially in the US.

Please take note that all of this is speculation and I am NOT saying that this will happen, but I would like to point out several exciting reasons why it could and should happen.

Toonami can be largely credited for the success of Dragon Ball Z in the states. Without Toonami, I probably would have never even thought to look into the Dragon Ball series and a whole chunk of my childhood would have went a whole different direction. Now that Toonami is back to dominate late Saturday night television, they have been slowly taking back the airwaves and hearts of anime fans. I would love for Toonami to air Dragon Ball Z in the states again, but it all comes down to licensing and legal mumble jumble.

It has been stated that FOX owns the rights to produce a Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie in English. I assume that after a certain amount of time that FUNimation will be able to get rights to produce an English dub for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. News on an English dub has been scarce, but we recently stirred up debate when an English actor for Bills appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

There could be a handful of reasons to why a dubbed version of Battle of Gods is hush hush right now, but to say it will never happen is laughable. It would be silly to ignore the hype this movie has garnered in the West and a dubbed version is bound to happen. The question now is when and where?

I feel like the best option to release Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in English, would be to premier it on Toonami. Toonami has a rich history with the Dragon Ball series and it would be the perfect setting to promote the English release of the movie.

The idea is not completely ludicrous, Toonami recently announced that they will be premiering the highly anticipated Space Dandy in English before it premiers any place else in the world. With that kind of pull, there is no telling what else Toonami has been doing behind the scenes. Toonami have also stated that there are a load of surprises they can’t reveal at the moment, but during the month of December they will air some “to be announced” movies for three weeks. It would be an amazing treat if the final weekend before Christmas Toonami airs an English dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. If Fox has been quietly working on a dub for Battle of Gods, then the idea that the movie airing on Toonami would only help boost promotion for a physical release. Fox has a great relationship with Adult Swim already and considering Adult Swim plays host to Toonami, I’m sure something could work out.

This of course is a dream of mine and it’s fun to look through the cracks and see possibilities. I’m not holding my breath for a surprise release of an English version of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods premier on Toonami, but if there was a perfect time for it to happen, it would be now.

January UPDATE: If you watched Toonami last month you saw that we were treated to loads of great movies like Akira and Summer Wars, but no surprises. I said it was high hopes, but I still think this would be a great opportunity for Toonami and it would be fitting to premier the English dub on their network.

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