Crash Bandicoot and Gravity Falls Mash Up Video is Perfection

Ever wonder what perfection looks like? Well, it looks like a Crash Bandicoot and Gravity Falls tribute video!

The talented folks over at Mashed have come up with something excellent: an animated tribute merging the worlds of the beloved television series, Gravity Falls, and the wacky beloved PlayStation IP, Crash Bandicoot. With Laura Rankin at the helm of the tribute video’s creation, and Tobias Knitt’s hard work on the full animation, Crash Bandicoot was re-imagined as the Gravity Falls intro. Crash represents Dipper, Coco represents Mabel, and Cortex represents Grunkle Stan in the video.

Crash Bandicoot Falls:

Along with merging the worlds together, the icon Crash Bandicoot theme is also reworked to sound similar to that of Gravity Falls. That’s all thanks to Alex Walker Smith, who composed the music used here. With all the hype surrounding Crash Bandicoot: The N. Sane Trilogy on PlayStation 4, the timing for this tribute couldn’t be any better. This video should suffice for those that are excited to get their hands on The N’ Sane Trilogy this coming June. We’ll be sure to keep you all covered on anything Crash Bandicoot or Gravity Falls related, so stay tuned to JunkieMonkeys for more.