The Crash Bandicoot HD Remake You Never Expected to See

Crash Bandicoot HD

With all the rumors surrounding Crash Bandicoot lately, fans of the classic series are praying for some sort of announcement of a new title. While some rumors do come true, they don’t always come to fruition. It appears that a small group of people are actually taking matters into their own hands and re-creating Crash Bandicoot in HD for themselves!

Take a look at the team’s efforts to bring Crash back below.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen fans take matters of reviving Crash Bandicoot into their own hands, but it’s always a joy to see the passion of gamers. When this small team was asked why they were doing it they simply replied by saying they were doing this, “just for fun!”  It appears that this team has been attempting this for over a year, with their last update over 3 months ago, let’s just hope they keep at it!

This might not be the Crash Bandicoot game most gamers want, but you can bet on hardcore fans to make sure Crash lives on in the future in some form or fashion. Of course, if you guys still want some more Crash Bandicoot rumor madness, our Naughty Dog pal Bruce Straley recently posted a drawing of Crash via Twitter.


Oh Bruce, you are such a tease. I guess this is the hard evidence that proves Naughty Dog is making a Crash Bandicoot game, right? All jokes aside, at this moment we can only dream of seeing Crash Bandicoot grace the PlayStation 4 with his presence.

Thanks Crash Bandicoot HD!