Crash Bandicoot Reboot In The Works?

Possible Crash Reboot?
Recent information has shown up concerning our favorite orange bandicoot's future. Is Crash getting a cameo in Skylanders? Or is he getting a completely new reboot of the franchise?

A recent Q&A with Vicarious Visions Co-Founder Guha Bala let's us know just what may be in store for our furry childhood friend. Seeing as Spyro helped launch Skylanders, people wondered if Crash would get the same treatment (The picture below shows why people speculated about Skylanders in the first place).
See anything familiar? Look closer.
A Crash poster next to a Skylanders ad?!
At first, the speculation of Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders seemed scary to many people. Many people who grew up with these icons don't enjoy seeing a odd version of a beloved character. That speculation can be put to rest though as a recent interview states,

"MetroUK: …Oh, and is there anything you can say about Crash Bandicoot?

Guha Bala: [Laughs] You're talking about that photo with poster on the wall?"

Guha Bala then goes on to explain that they love Crash Bandicoot and the series. When asked about Crash in Skylanders, Mr. Bala had this to say,

"Guha Bala: Well, Crash Bandicoot is a very different personality to Spyro…"

…Crash Bandicoot is a great IP, that's had great game experiences in the past, but it's very different than what Skylanders is today. That's the way I think about it."

All that said, Vicarious Visions have also stated that Crash would never be in Skylanders. The possibility of Crash in that game is slim to none. 
So what does this mean for our favorite marsupial? Well it could mean a lot of things really. It could mean that Crash is secretly getting a new IP while he's locked up in Activision's basement. After all, there was plenty of information going around that there were two new titles coming out. A new Crash Team Racing title and a reboot were in the works and were being published by Activision. That ship has sailed though, as many tidbits of information have lead to the conclusion that the CTR project had been cancelled long ago. That leaves the question on what happened to the reboot of the franchise.
Every now and then gamers would find leaked information pertaining to a long awaited reboot. This has been going on for years now though. What makes no sense is that Crash Bandicoot hasn't been in anything for several years. Not a peep about a new title, no appearance in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, not even a single care for such an iconic character from Activision.
Why leave the poor guy in a cage for so long? Activision isn't doing anything with him from what we've gathered, so why not give him over to Naughty DogTravelers Tales, or Sony? If we are to get a new Crash game, it should be done right.
What are your thoughts on Crash Bandicoot's future? Let us know in the comments below.
Display picture credit to SkidMcMarxx.