Dark Souls II Patch 1.06 to Buff and Nerf Several Gameplay Aspects (Patch Notes)

Posted 2014/05/30 by William Manzo in Gaming

Dark Souls 2 Patch 1.06 Dark Souls II hasn’t been the best in the Souls series when it comes to PvP in the game, but it will be getting better in this newest patch (hopefully). With that said, developers at From Software have gone ahead and released patch notes for Dark Souls II’s patch 1.06. We have the translated patch notes and listed notes on why these changes are excellent.

The translated sentences are below.

Patch Notes for Dark Souls 2 Patch 1.06:

  • Bat Staff poison effect changed to proc on melee strikes only. Interaction with Dark Fog removed.

Not too many people use staffs as weapons, so this should make this weapon interesting in PvP.

  • Avelyn tracking adjusted, reload time lengthened and damage reduced

Powerstanced Mundane Avelyn’s were too overpowered, so this change should bring the weapon down to how it was in Dark Souls 1.

  • The adjustment motion of “Onoyari of thine” weapons, the balance of the amount of damage (Possibly Syan’s Halberd change)

Halberd buffs/ nerfs. Sound good!

  • Santier’s Spear damaged reduced, stamina usage changed

For a weapon as quick as the Santier’s Spear, the damage output for this weapon needed looking into. Great change!

  • Adjust the motion of the “sword of the curse’s” weapon (Possibly Pursuer’s Ultra-Greatsword)

I haven’t used this weapon too much, so it’ll be interesting to see how in changed.

  • Cale’s Shoes and Leather armor’s defensive values changed

A nice change for an end game armor set.

  • Abyss Ring damage multiplier changed

The damage buff that this ring gives hexes wasn’t over the top, but what makes this interesting is wondering if the health degen with each cast will change as well. Hmm…

  • Great Resonant Soul damage reduced

Excellent change for balance. The damage output was greater than most until this patch.

  • Wrath of God’s damage reduced

I personally felt that the damage nerf from the last patch was enough, since the spell is already extremely easy to block or roll through.

  • Resonant Weapon flat increase changed / reduced

This weapon buff was greater than others, so it’s a welcome change.

  • Flame Weapon flat increase adjusted / reduced

It’s hard to say how much of a difference this will make, considering most PvP players have a good amount of fire defense already.

  • Motion adjustment of thorn sword weapon category (Possibly Rapier change or Thorned Greatsword)

Rapier’s made stunlocking too easy before, so this may just slow down the animation a small bit.

  • Power Stance glitch that occurs with ultragreats and the bandit axe has been fixed

Thanks From Soft!

  • Enchanted upgrade path adjusted

Hoping that this is a buff considering Enchanted infusion isn’t too impressive with most weapons.

  • Changed duration on some spells

Great change (hopefully)!

  • Monastery Scimitar parrying animation adjusted

This weapon was by far the most overpowered weapon in the game because of the amount of frames for its parry animation. Glad to see that From Software listened to the community and changed the weapon when possible.

Most of these changes are excellent as you can see by our reactions below each update. The patch will be available on all platforms on June 2nd, 2014. For more on Dark Souls 2, From Software’s leaked Project Beast (click here for gameplay), and more, stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys.

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