Dragon Ball Super: Black Goku Finally Revealed

Dragon Ball Super Champa

The time has finally arrived. The next main villain in the the Future Trunks saga of Dragon Ball Super has finally been revealed. Feast your eyes upon “Black Goku”!

The following Shonen Jump page scan provided by Gojiitaaf reveals the highly mysterious Black Goku for the first time! Take a look at the scan below.



I have to say I am super excited about this (no pun intended). It will be interesting to see how this evil rendition of Goku came into existence. I’m pretty sure this has something to deal with that Potara earring hanging from Goku’s ear.

Another interesting takeaway from this scan is the fact that Mai is grown up once again and is fighting side by side with Future Trunks. Is this a different Trunks from the future, or did Mai somehow survive the android apocalypse?

We won’t know more until June 12th of this year; hopefully more details will emerge soon!