E3 2016: Horizon: Zero Dawn Impressions

New Horizon: Zero Dawn Gameplay Showcases Dazzling Visual Combat

Horizon: Zero Dawn is perhaps the most anticipated PlayStation 4 game coming up, and luckily I got my hands on it at E3 2016.

To nobody’s┬ásurprise Horizon’s controls are very fluid. I wasn’t given any instructions when I picked up the controller, and almost everything came naturally.

There wasn’t much to do in the actual demo, and every time I explored a little bit I was told that the demo would end if I continued, so I just killed everything. I had a lot of different bows to choose from, and it seems like every “animal” has a different weakness, which you can scan before you attack.

The game’s frame rate is very stable, and it just looks gorgeous. I wasn’t able to explore any of the game’s RPG mechanics in my short time with it, but if Guerrilla Games can manage to give us a good story, I am sure this game will be very successful for Sony.

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