E3 2016: Nintendo Highlights


NX Production May Have been Delayed to Add Virtual Reality

During its brief E3 segment, Nintendo gave us a lot of information on some anticipated new games. Although they didn’t have a full blown press conference during E3, Nintendo gave us a good amount of content in its “Nintendo Treehouse” segment.

Pokémon Sun & Moon and the new Legend of Zelda were the only two games that were talked about during Nintendo Treehouse. A lot of gameplay was shown for both anticipated games.

Zelda was the marquee game of the Nintendo Treehouse. An official title for the game was finally revealed. It will be called, The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. Link makes another journey through Hyrule, and will this time be using the land itself for survival. Link gets to hunt animals, make fire, climb trees, and conduct many more realistic survival tactics as shown in gameplay footage. A line of Amiibo figures will be released for the game that includes a model of Link in the blue shirt. It was also shown that the Wolf Link Amiibo from Twilight Princess HD will have compatibility as well. The Zelda hype is real and the new game will launch simultaneously for the Wii U and NX in March, 2017.

The other game that was talked about in the Nintendo Treehouse was the seventh generation Pokémon games, Sun & Moon. The starter Pokémon, the two legendary Pokémon on the covers, and a few other new Pokémon were shown in action. The Hawaiian style region of Alola was shown off too. It consists of four separate little islands to explore. The biggest thing that was revealed for Sun and Moon was a new multiplayer battle mode called “Battle Royale.” Pokémon Sun and Moon come out on November 18.

Pokémon Go and the Nintendo NX were not mentioned at all during E3. Nintendo has said that they will conduct their own presentations later in the year to talk about the smartphone game and new console.