E3 2016: Hideo Kojima Reveals His Next Game


Hideo Kojima announced Kojima Productions new IP during Sony’s E3 press conference. 

We all knew it was probably going to happen and it did happen. Last year Hideo Kojima revealed his partnership with PlayStation and people have been running around in circles wanting to know what he’s been working on since. Half way through Sony’s press conference, Kojima made his grand entrance to announce his next game, Death Stranding. The trailer showcased featured a nude Norman Reedus covered in scars and grasping a presumingly dead baby. Reedus had already worked with Kojima for quite some time on Silent Hills until its cancelation and Kojima has been teasing a special project involving the Walking Dead actor for months on social media. Check out the trailer for yourselves in the video below.

Death Stranding looks just as interesting as it does mysterious. What the game is actually about is something we will find out hopefully later in the year as no release window was mentioned in the trailer. What are your thoughts on Death Stranding? What was your favorite game from PlayStation’s press conference? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and make sure to stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for all your E3 news.