E32018: The Last Of Us Part 2 Gameplay Revealed

Instead of ending with a bang Sony decided to start their E3 press conference with one. 

Everyone has been anticipating about The Last of Us Part II and Naughty Dog teasing us it being showcased nonstop this year isn’t taking the edge off. As well as a quick vague backstory for Ellie, we finally got to see gameplay as her for the game using new fighting tactics and brutal death scenes.

The trailer goes back and forth between showing a softer side of her and going on a brutal rampage until “every last of of them” is dead. There’s no sign of Joel in this reveal but that isn’t surprising since Part II will be switching protagonists. With our girl Ellie having a thirst for revenge gives the impression that part 2 will have even more evil and wicked moments and we can’t wait to play it. However, a release date or window still has yet to be announced.

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