ECCC 2016: Cameron Stewart Talks ‘Fight Club 3’

Fight Club 2

Last week at Emerald City Comicon I got to meet one of the best illustrators in the comic book game; that’s right folks, I met the one and only Cameron Stewart! After shooting the shit with Cameron a bit, I asked him if he could share some more details on Chuck Palahniuk’s upcoming Fight Club 3. What Mr. Stewart told me next caught me a little bit off guard.

For the record I asked Cameron Stewart if he planned on coming back to work on Fight Club 3 with Chuck Palahniuk, and the short answer he gave me was a “no”.

Cameron stressed that he and Chuck did talk quite a bit about having him return to illustrate FC3, but at the end of the day Cameron chose to move on to other projects (see Image Comics’ Motor Crush).

It is a bit depressing that we won’t be able to see Cameron illustrate these fantastic characters once more in the next installment of Fight Club. The big question now is; who will be able to fill Cameron Stewart’s shoes?

Last year when Chuck P. revealed he begun working on Fight Club 3, he mentioned he also began to work on several one-shot comic books. Chuck expressed interest in working with Lady Killer’s Joëlle Jones for the one-shot comics, but I think her artistic style would be absolutely perfect for Fight Club 3.

We will be sure to update you on any new happenings involving Fight Club 3, and I would personally like to thank Cameron Stewart once again for sharing this information with me.

Stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more updates on Fight Club 3!