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Posted 2014/06/22 by Adriana Rodríguez in Gaming


Entwined is a game that I believe deserved more credit and attention at E3 than it received. I got the chance to play the game and here are my thoughts on it. 

Entwined is a dual analog stick operating PSN game based off a Chinese mythology developed by PixelOpus. The purpose of the game is you control a fish and bird (each being controlled by an analog stick) and to position them in the right places and pass through tunnels in different lifetimes of the game. While flying through these tunnels you have orbs of light that both need to collect that fill up “memory bars” each has at the top of the screen. Once each memory bar is filled up you reach the final stages of each lifetime and the two combine into a dragon, joining together as one. The goal of the game is simple. The more orbs collected and tunnels you pass through correctly the faster you’ll be “entwined” (wink, wink) and turn into something even greater.

What really draws me to this game is the backstory. It is based off a Chinese mythology where a bird and a fish meet each other and fall in love, but for them to be together is ultimately impossible. But in Entwined, it is possible. The way you become as one at the end of each lifetime leads me to think that with each memory you collect brings the two closer together as they reminisce on the past and remember how and why they fell in love to begin with. The tunnels you pass through could represent the hardships and struggles they’ve had to go through due to their situation, but once they get through all that the dream to be one becomes a reality in a very nirvana like place. Not only that, but the game only has nine levels and the Chinese symbolism towards the number nine means “forever.” To me the story behind Entwined is a very strong and beautiful one.

Entwined also does an incredible job when it comes to scenery. The background of the levels in the game look insane and give off a very psychedelic vibe to them and only get better with each lifetime. Once at the end of a lifetime you arrive into a calm trance where you can be as one and flow through space. Not only does the game look great, but the score of it is one of the most soothing sounding ones I’ve ever heard. The music is equivalent to imagining the sound of waves on a beach at the end of the day. I highly recommend getting this game and for the price of only $9.99 you’d be a fool not to buy it.

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