Five Sequels We Must Have Next Gen

Posted 2013/07/22 by Jeff R. in Gaming

I have been doing some reflecting on a lot of console gaming and remembering some of the awesome experiences I’ve had over the years. Looking at my collection I realize that there are multiple games that deserve sequels that should be released, or at the very least, revealed for the next generation of consoles!

This isn’t your typical “Oh god we need Assassin’s Creed 54”, or an article about games that we know will get a sequel. This piece is more about games that don’t have loads of spin offs or sequels to look forward to every year that deserve to have one in the near future.


Red Dead Redemption 2 


2010’s game of the year Red Dead Redemption is one of my favorite games. A sequel continuing with Jack’s story as he tries to find his way, or a sequel with a brand new story in general would be awesome! Considering Red Dead Redemption is the spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver they could go with another story involving a new character. Rockstar Games are currently prepping Grand Theft Auto V for release, but what does the future hold for the software giant?

Rockstar can go anywhere with a next gen sequel with the likes of Bully 2 or Manuhunt 3, but personally I would love to see a sequel to Red Dead Redemption. The ball is in your court Rockstar… make it happen!


Demon’s Souls 2

A true Demon’s Souls sequel has yet to be made and I can only hope that one day we will be able to return to The Nexus and prepare ourselves to slay many demons. I know what some of you are thinking, and yes I am aware of Dark Souls and the upcoming Dark Souls 2. Dark Souls was appealing to me, but Demon’s Souls is the whole reason I played Dark Souls in the first place. A true successor to Demon’s Souls will make me giddy beyond belief. They can go many directions with it, especially with that one mysterious broken archstone that we never got to delve into.

Recently there have been rumors circulating about a Demon’s Souls sequel, but I just want those rumors to become a reality…Umbasa.


Heavenly Sword 2

Ah Nariko… how I miss when you would beautifully slay dozens of people with that cursed sword of yours. Heavenly Sword is one of those titles that caught me by surprise. It’s an extremely great game and one of the first to showcase the power of the PlayStation 3. Every game deserves a good sequel right? Sometimes that’s not always the case.

I’m going to spare you all of details, but if you have been craving a Heavenly Sword sequel then you already know about a planned sequel being cancelled last year. All that we have to remember this project is concept art and nothing more.

This doesn’t mean we will never see a sequel. Since Sony owns the rights, they can easily get any studio they own to make it, it’s just a matter of them caring to do so. I personally would love to see a sequel to Heavenly Sword especially on the PlayStation 4. Just imagine how great that game could possibly look.


Def Jam 3


Def Jam Fight for NY 2, Def Jam Vendetta 2, or whatever you want to call it, I just want to see a true sequel to the original Def Jam fighting series! Yes, we did get Def Jam: Icon, but that game was pure shit. Def Jam: Icon is a game that focused on graphics and horrible horrible gameplay mechanics. I fail to consider that game even a part of the series, simply because it had nothing to do with the first two games.

A true Def Jam sequel would be amazing, especially if it contains everything that made Def Jam Fight for NY amazing. There was a glimmer of hope a while back when it was revealed that Def Jam was working with 4mm Games to create a game that was heavily speculated to be another Def Jam fighting game. Unfortunately these plans must of fell through when 4mm Games dissolved. It’s a shame because this is one of the best and probably underrated fighting series ever created. If we can continue on next gen with a D-Mob based story I would shed tears of joy.


PaRappa the Rapper 3


PaRappa the Rapper has recently been revived in Sony’s recent brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PlayStation 3. Even though PSASBR may not have exceeded Sony’s expectations, they have shed some light on some gems that are responsible for making many gamers love the PlayStation brand. PaRappa the Rapper is one of those titles.

I know a game like PaRappa the Rapper might not do so well in today’s gaming market, but there is surely a demand for another game and the previous games still have a cult following after all these years. A digital next gen release would be a cost efficient way to handle another sequel. This would be a nostalgic hit at it’s finest and if it’s done correctly, it has the potential of capturing many gamer’s hearts. Even Dred Foxx, the man behind our favorite rapping dog, told us that he is campaigning for another game. I would love to see PaRappa the Rapper 3 grace the PlayStation 4.

These are just titles that I think deserve a sequel, there are loads of games that deserve sequels for the next generation console cycle. Let us know which games you would like to see bless a next gen console in the comments below.

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