Gangsta. GN #1 Review


Gangsta. follows the lives of two self proclaimed “Handymen” by the name of Nic and Worick. These two take on unwanted jobs within the corrupted city of Ergastulum — a city filled with prostitutes, gangs and crooked cops. These jobs usually end with someone’s death.


Kohske, should be commended on the sense of mystery that shrouds the world of Gangsta.. The first volume vaguely introduces the two main characters, Nic and Worick. Worrick is a handsome one eyed gigolo. Yes, you read that correctly. Worick works alongside Nic as “Handymen”, taking odd jobs that no one will take. Nic is a deaf swordsman that happens to be a “Tag”.

Tags are the most immense mystery introduced in the first volume of Gangsta. . From what is revealed so far, Tags are known by many names, such as: Freaks, Twilights, Victims, and Monsters. Tags exhibit super human strength and fighting capabilities, and are referred to as a race unique to the town of Ergastulum. There seems to be a ranking system amongst these “Tags”, as we find out in the middle of the first major fight in the manga. Nic reveals himself to be the rank of “A/0”, while the nameless Tag that he’s fighting is only a “B/2”. When Nic reveals his rank, the reaction the nameless Tag gives in result of him finding out Nic’s rank, clues the reader in that Nic’s rank is one of the strongest and is even rare. At this point in the story, the reader can’t comprehend the ranking system that lies among the Tags — we have yet to see what’s considered the strongest and weakest ranking. Tags are easily identified by, yep, their tags that they wear around their necks. On these tags are the Tags’ ranking, name, blood type, birth date, and other information that has yet to make sense by the first volume’s conclusion. Tags are going to be central to the manga’s story, and gives it the potential to contain many awe striking bloody fights, each new fight eclipsing its predecessor.

Kohske develops a world full of mystery, that leaves the reader wanting more by the conclusion of the first volume. The duo “Handymen”, Nic and Worick, being two of the biggest. The most we learn of the duo is from a newspaper and from Worick’s nightmare. When the nightmare first occurred, it is heavily hinted that Nic killed both of Worick’s parents and gave him the very eye injury that left Worick blind in one eye. The newspaper reveals that Worick’s nightmare has in fact happened, and 22 years has passed since the massacre of his family happened. This presents many questions, such as: Why did Nic kill Worick’s parents? Why did Nic left Worick alive? If Nic killed Worick’s parents, then why are they currently partners?

The dialogue in Gangsta. is easily the most intriguing that I have encountered in a manga –in result of how one character speaks. Since Nic is deaf, his main form of communication is sign language, and uses his eyes to read people’s lips to know what they are saying. Kohske colors Nic’s word bubbles black, so the reader knows that he is using sign to communicate.  Even though Nic is deaf, he holds the ability to speak, but only when he needs to or when he wants to make a disheartening threat. When Nic speaks, Kohske gives him a weird font, that gives off the impression that his speech is shaky, yet creepy and threatening all at once. I wonder how it will translate into the anime, once it releases.

Ultimately, it’s easy to see why Gangsta has been picked up for an anime. Gangsta. has a vibrant world, filled with intriguing  and dangerous characters that have a sense of mystery surrounding them. The first volume introduces many questions surrounding the main characters, Nic and Worick, and Tags. Which happens to be the manga’s biggest draw to make readers come back for more.


+ Gangsta. has a fun and intriguing world filled with a substantial amount of violence and mystery that will keep the reader engaged.

– Not much is revealed in the first volume, mostly serves as an introduction for readers. There’s no real opposition for the main duo.