Gangsta. GN #2 Review


Gangsta. follows the lives of two self proclaimed “Handymen” by the name of Nic and Worick. These two take on unwanted jobs within the corrupted city of Ergastulum — a city filled with prostitutes, gangs and crooked cops. These jobs usually end with someone’s death.


This volume of Gangsta. is more action packed than the first — with the introduction of two rival mob families fighting to the death.  In the beginning of this chapter Nic and Worick are brought in to the police station because of a profusion of grotesque murders, that involve the victims getting chopped up into unrecognizable pieces. Since Nic carries a sword, the police thought it was right to bring them in for questioning, even though they knew Nic is not involved with the murders in any sort of way.  Since the police usually employ the two Handymen, they use the situation to their advantage to blackmail the two, so they can help with the investigation for free.

During the Handymen forced incarceration (since they could’ve escaped anytime they wanted, but chose to stay out of respect for their employer) a mob war was brewing between two families — the Corsicas and Monroes. The boss of the Monroes, Monroe himself calls in the Handymen for some back up, and all of a sudden, the Handymen find themselves in the middle of a gangwar.

Kohske uses the small skirmish between the two families to give the readers more information on what Twilights are all about.  During the skirmish Nic encountours a fellow A/0 ranked Twilight by the name of Doug. During the fight between Doug and Nic, a couple things were revealed to the audience. First, the Twilights take drugs named Celebrer that enhance their combat abilities and help them stay alive — also, the Twilight ingesting the drug can overdose on them. Second, the existence of three rules that Twilights have to follow to coexist with regular humans that’s reminiscent of the laws within Isaac Asimov’s novel, I, Robot.The rules are as follows:

  •  Article One: Twilights must not intentionally hurt humans. Destroying the overall balance by disregarding this rule is forbidden.
  • Article Two: Twilights must obey orders directed to them by humans. However, orders that conflict with article one are exceptions.
  • Article Three: If the situation does not conflict with articles one and two, a Twilight must defend oneself.

This is what confuses me. Maybe I missed something, or misread it, but this doesn’t make sense to me. If a Twilight cannot intentionally hurt humans, then why is Doug decapitating humans like it’s a stroll in the park? Are there some type of restrictions to these rules that I have yet to understand, or is there a translation problem? Three, there’s some sort of guild of Twilights that governs keep order among their race in the town of Ergastulum.

The fight between Doug and Nic, both A/0 ranked Twilights, showcases what Twilights are truly capable of in combat. Sustaining life-threatening injuries that would put a stop to the strongest humans and feats of superhuman strength. At the conclusion of their fight, Nic goes for the final blow to end Dou’s life, but he was saved at the last minute by the Guild. The leader of the Guild,  Gina Paulklee then somehow subdues Nic without even touching him. She then reveals that Worick is in fact, Nic’s “contract owner”, which at this point in the story the reader has no idea what that is, and more to the mystery and nature of the two Handymen’s relationship with each other.

What makes Gangsta. to be continuously good is its variety of interesting characters, and their non-existent morals. There are no heroes in this story –every character has their own faults, as well as their own motives that drive them.


+Learn more about the Twilights.

+Amazing fight between two A/0 ranked Twilights take center stage in this volume

-Confusing rules for the Twilights are introduced